Monday, May 2, 2011

Experience VS Enthusiasm

Happy Labour Day, everyone! Hope it was a good and well-rested one for you.

Anyway, what's hot in town now? General Elections of course. Even Osama Bin Laden's death can't help feeling neglected in Singapore. (Y U NO SHOW ME LURVVVEEEE???)

I know being 23, my opinions may not be always heard but here's my 2 cents worth on GE. I'm usually not that affected by what's going on in the political world but I've to say it's shaking the earth my stepping on. Well, just a tiny bittttttttttttt.

I'm getting excessively annoyed by people who are biting the hands who helped feed them. Do you remember how Singapore was just a piece of land where NOONE knew of? Do you remember how the nation struggled separating ourselves from our neighbour, Malaysia? Who was there for us throughout every step of the way? It none other than MM Lee Kuan Yew.

In a recent interview at Tampines, MM Lee warned Singaporeans especially those under Aljunied GRC - to vote wisely. And throughout his speech, he used strong words such as 'repent' and 'pay the price'. This has caused some uproar among netizens sprouting that MM Lee's choice of vocabulary lack of tact and made it sound like a threat to the citizens.

I'm like... really? I do agree that it was a strong choice of vocab but the Elections IS a huge deal. Our lives for the next 5 years highly depends on who we vote for. There was 1 point MM Lee brought up which I strongly agree with - What are you voting for? Are you voting for experience OR enthusiasm? Do you want a group of people with experience to help run the country or a group of people with so much passion and enthusiasm but has actually NEVER run a country before? So, what's your choice?

This is not a company where you can liquify and end it but what can you do to a nation when it's not doing well? YOU CANNOT COMPARE APPLE AND ORANGE, PLEASE. Do not risk the nation just because you're touched by their passion and the things they say they would do. Please do not do it at other people's expense. It's not fair. It's not fair to ruin other people's lives like that.

Please take a second to ask yourself - Have you been living poorly? Do you not have a roof above your head? Are you doing THAT badly where you need to overthrow who's leading?

Think about it people, think.