Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Vintage to a T

I like all things vintage but I wouldn't try them because I know I can't pull it off. There is just something about vintage that sends a warm wave through my hair and into my skin. Take a look at Hannah & Alex's crib. It. blew. me. away. I hate myself for not remembering where I kept my patchwork blankie my Granny made me.

3 more weeks till I move into my new place. I can't wait.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Come darkness (more gift ideas)

Great for a friend who's afraid of the dark :)
Find it here.

Gift idea for a female Bestfriend

Saw these pretty pieces from A cup of Joe and I can't help but smile. They are morse code necklaces - they spell things out like "friend", "mom", "love" and alot more. How else to tell someone you love them without spelling them out right?

Sunday, December 12, 2010


My weekend was devastatingly quiet. How was yours?

As the year is about to come to an end, are you working on a new resolution list yet? I am. I'm taking down mental notes when I've free time on the train, at work and right now. 2010 has been... kind... in a way. I battled some monsters - real ones and those inside of me.

How has your 2010 been? It's a yearly thing I do, blog about my year and move on. Will have it typed down once I've gathered all my thoughts since the year is not officially over yet.

Have an awesome start to the new week.

Monday, December 6, 2010

What is love?

I reviewed this question over a zillion times in my head and I never seem to know what the real answer truly is. Do you?

But for now, this will do. It somehow seemed to aptly explain what love is to me and I hope it made sense to you.

Sitting beside you in school,
While we'd paint I'd make you laugh.
Mine was never very good,
Yours looked exactly like the photograph.
Looks like I'm growing, I'm growing up beside you.

I don't always get the way you feel,
But now I've learned to live with that.
It's like I'm a part of something real.
I was hittin' the bottle, now I've broken the seal.
Looks like I'm growing, I'm growing up beside you

And the sun sets the scene,
While the rain misses me.
And all the time I'll be growing, growing up beside you.
Oh, The sun sets the scene,
While the rain misses me.
And all the time I'll be growing, growing up beside you.

Paolo Nutini - Growing Up With You

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Yet another list - Top 10 Pet peeves

It didn't strike me to have this list because I thought it'd be mean to judge but ever since I started working, taking morning trains with a half the world.. I can't help but form this list in my head and finding reasons to justify it.

#10: OVER talkative cab drivers
It's one of those mornings.. you're late and you finally hopped on a cab. After all that mad rush in the morning trying to piece yourself together, all you want is a 15-20 minutes power nap till you reach the office. BUT NOOOOOOOOOOO... fuck my life that my cabbie needed to talk to me through out the whole damn journey. I appreciate small talks - ie: weather, how's my day.. but talking too much just really pisses me off and the worse thing is there's no way you can shut his trap up without being rude.

#9: OVER concerned cab drivers
Looks like I've alot to complain about cabbies, huh? I guess talking too much isn't the worst thing. But asking too much personal questions is a little.. crossing over the line, no? "Oh.. how long have you been with your boyfriend?", "What do you do during your free time?", "What do your parents do.." I don't like feeling like I'm obligated to answer any of your questions.

#8: Smelly people on trains (or in general, can't decide which is worse)
I don't get it. We all pay the same transport rate right? Why is it that some people can get away with NOT BATHING? *cries* Especially when the train is crazily packed, my face is almost stuffing into his/her arm pits. That short 20 minutes train ride felt like I'm being condemned to eternity of hell.

#7: Lateness
I'll never get it.

#6: Women and peeing
So you blame the men for not putting down the toilet seats but you can't even be bothered to check behind you after you flush and get out of the toilet? PLEASE, why should the next person clean up your 'leftovers' on the seat? Do you know how gross that it? We may not even be close friends but I'm already cleaning up your shit!

#5: People who don't flush
Other than the bad habit, I get extremely annoyed when I use the toilet at the mall and the moment I step in, it's clogged with paper and pee. Oh, for that moment you thought maybe the flush is not working that's why the person (or the PEOPLE) before me couldn't flush it. But nOoooooOooooooooo, they just didn't try hard enough. Sometimes you just need to press harder, just because it doesn't work the first time you have to give up. What the hell.

#4: Telephone operators who knows.. um.. NOTHING.
It always happens when I call any of the tel-cos.. Sometimes I really wonder if these operators been through training. STOP PUTTING ME ON HOLD. STOP TELLING ME WHAT I DON'T WANT TO KNOW. STOP PRETENDING LIKE YOU KNOW WHAT'S BEST FOR ME. Tyvm.

#3: People who wear sunglasses indoors.
HAHAHAHAHAHHA, seriously? Wtf? Stop being such a fuckin' poser. I bet the real reason is because you know half your face is ugly.

#2: Bad customer service
If you hate your job, find a new one. Don't vent it all on me. I don't deserve your shit.

#1: People who tells me to "Relax"
I guess this is no.1 because it really get on my nerves. When I'm really pissed off about something it's because I'm really pissed off? How can I relax? Why should I anyway? If the situation shouldn't have happen and it did, don't tell me to relax.. tell me how to solve the problem please.

Ok there it is! Another list. Happy Mid-week!