Monday, November 14, 2011

Review: Manicure at Milly's

Saw a great deal on Groupon (my current favourite site, FYI!!!) just a week before I left for Perth: $20 for Classic Pedi/Medi at Milly's, U.P: $45! I knew I had to get it.

I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to getting my manicure and pedicure done because I own a lot of OPI colors at home and I'm all for DIY. (I'm crazy, I change my colors once a week, twice if I've time) So when I saw this deal, I purchased it! I paid $60 for 3 classic mani/pedi sessions.

Where?: Milly's, currently they've got 2 outlets: Far East Plaza (#03-129) & Bugis Village, L2 new extension

What?: They not only provide mani/pedi services, you can get your hair extensions, eyelash perming and other beauty services done there as well. Much raved by Local bloggers/personalities: Bong Qiu Qiu, Yan Kaykay, Fidelis Toh and much more. (yes, I stalk them on twitter.)

The experience:

I opted for my first session to be at Bugis Village, thought I'd shop for a bit before heading in. I made my appointment 2 weeks earlier to avoid any disappointment. Like the fact that they provide a HP number to SMS for convenience's sake. Have yet to try how responsive they are on text though..

Anyway, I got there 15 minutes earlier, the shop was rather empty; could be because of the rain. The shop front wasn't fancy, I immediately felt I was transported to Bangkok because there were some staffs conversing in crisp Thai. They were the hair extensions girls. I giggled because I truly miss being in BKK for it's glorious shopping and food. I was greeted nicely by 2 girls who directed me to take a seat and was told to pick my colors.

I asked if the manicurist doing my hands if they had any new colors from OPI, surprisingly (and disappointingly) they don't. Can't help but feel that she just want to get the job done. They've got quite an extensive choice of colors. 2 different shades of red that I picked ran out, I was disappointed again because it's extremely annoying when you're trying out a new place and they don't have what you want. But then again, given that red is a rather popular choice of color. The manicurist was quite nice to help pick 2 shades similar to what I initially wanted.

Outcome: Overall, they did ok. Manicurist working on my hands didn't paint the inner corners entirely but it isn't that noticeable unless you really scrutinise but that's kinda not the point... Manicurist helping out with my toes did a fine job and she cleaned me up well. I think the experience could have been better enhanced if they were more chatty towards me than among themselves. I still have 2 more sessions to go, perhaps I'll have a better experience at the FEP outlet!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Review: Evolu Exoliating Body Polish

I've had this tube of goodness for over months and I only managed to try it now. Got to know this organic New Zealand skin care brand from work and was given this to me as a gift from a sweet colleague. I've personally met founder of Evolu, Kati Kasza, who's got such a great spirit and personality! She believes in the power of equilibrium to promote healthy skin. According to Kati, every pure, bioactive product in the Evolu range is specifically blended to help achieve and maintain your skin's ideal balance.

If you're like me, you live in a country that's 24/7 HOT and HUMID, you've got to try this.

What is it?: Evolu exfoliating body polish consist of crushed walnut and kiwi seeds to help slough off dead skin cells, which works amazingly well! What I love most about this product is it contain New Zealand lavender, eucalyptus and menthol that leave your skin cool, refreshed and a tingling sensation that works best in a hot weather. In fact after 30 minutes, I can still feel the cooling sensation on my skin.

I used it on rough areas such as elbows (ugh, never understood why they're so rough!!!), knees and my back. If you're always in the sun, you might want to get a full back scrub with this glorious product because not only does it help cool down sun burns, it also removes all the gunk on your back which will help reduce acne :)

I occasionally use it on my chest because I'm rather prone to acne there as well.

Pros: Affordable, most Evolu products are in the range of $30 - $40 for their basic skin care which I think is extremely inexpensive judging that it's an organic skin care brand. You'll also be happy to know that all Evolu products are cruelty-free, contain no parabens, petrochemicals, minerals, phthalates, sulfats, artificial colours or fragrances, and no animal products other than beeswax and lanolin!

Cons: I absolutely love this body polish to death, I can't find anything to hate about it. Ok, maybe 1 thing....... I always wind up with a lot of kiwi seeds on my bathroom floor. #justsaying

Where to find Evolu in SG?: You can find them at all major Guardian Pharmacies and John Little.

Go get it, you can thank me later. ;) Have yourself a glorious Sunday!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Let's make marvellous

Thank God it's Friday.
Damn my body didn't respond so well to gym last night

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Post-holiday blues

Blouse: Cotton on / Denim Skirt: KMart @ Perth

I'm not emotionally ready to go back to work but here I am. Was away for a week and my emails piled up to 257. Thank god for amazing colleagues who covered my duties while I'm away! I reckon I should get down to posting Perth pictures soon. Hope you guys are having an awesome mid week.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Perth City


As I type this entry, I'm resting my feet from all that walking and shopping. Man, I think I've walked off all the carbs we ate today!

Daleth dropped me off at Perth city and met up with the ever so lovely Sarah O! She brought me to most of the shops selling all the girlie stuff and of course, we both headed to the SALE section first. Wouldn't say the discount was awesome. Probably the cheapest thing I got today was 2 cardigans at Jay Jays for A at $5AUD each. I got myself a full-leather bag for $90AUD! Super love.

Anyway, realise I didn't shop that much after pouring out my loot on my bed. Shopping in Perth is waaaaaay too expensive. When am I going BKK again? =| Hint hint.

I had fun today! Updated Sarah about me and so did she. I hope this pretty young thing finds true love and be happy. Cliche, I know.

Heading to Subi market & Claremont tomorrow. It's gonna be another awesome day, I reckon. Can't believe I'm heading back to SG in another 3 days. :(

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fremantle & Victoria Park

Mike brought me to Fremantle (apparently people call it Freo?) despite still feeling sick which I probably will be eternally grateful. The weather today was unfortunately rainy BUT it was waaaaay better than yesterday's blazing HOT sun. Both Mike and myself felt so much better today though I had to toughen up to brave through the rain.

I did some good shopping! Valley girl, dayum. Headed down to Victoria Park hoping to shop somemore but the rain was such a bitch. Mike brought me to a thrift store - true blue one judging from the smell of old, mouldy clothes hehe, I got myself a book for $4! We also saw someone who looked like Snoop Dog.

Thank you Mike, for showing me around these 2 days! You're such a gem. I like counting your wrinkles. ;D

Right now I'm just enjoying the cold weather and watching Law & Order on telly. Life should be like that everyday.

MORE shopping with Sarah tomorrow. Should be glorious.

Anyway before I head off to bed, let me leave you with the most refreshing blog entry I've read to date - one that makes the most sense so far -

Life's too short to worry. Yes, life beckons and you never found the courage to leave your shit job, sleep in your small apartment, a car that won't start and not having enough sex; when will you stop from all that madness and live your life the way you should be? This trip to Perth truly opened my eyes a lot more. I find myself saying this often - Yea, I wanna travel! I want to go to Europe! Japan! Blah blah blah blah but never got down to make any of that happen. From this moment on, I'm gonna start saving and travel the world! For real.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hot hot hot

Hello, this is me blogging miles away from home, in Perth. Thought this deserves an entry since I've got the night to spare.

It's been a crazy ride, alright? The past weeks for me have been ridiculous. And I fucking mean it. Other than my infections coming back to haunt me like a muthafarker, 3 days Women's Fair at Marina Square WHILE plagued with infections wasn't my kind of fun. Headed back to work with only a day to handover everything to Micque before I fly the next morning (Geez, almost couldn't due to the Qantas strikes. Seriously. What. The. Hell.).

So.......... yup here I am resting my skin and feet in a quiet suburb in Western Australia.

Perth has been......................... hot. The weather's crazy. I think it's hotter here than in SG, less humid though but the heat is just.. driving me nuts. I make sure I keep myself hydrated throughout the day. AND THE DAMN FLIES. Jesus, they are everywhere. When I told Mike there weren't any in SG unless someone kept food out in the open for days, he seem shocked.

Anyway, other than the heat, I'm pretty much enjoying myself being away from work and alone. I miss home, local food, and my bed. Everyone here's so friendly and I love Target, KMART and Woolsworth!!!

Hope everyone's good wherever you are. I'm safe and enjoying a lot more fun than you. :P