Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Do you know why I love the Fall? 

.. Because all my favorite shows come back with a big fat bang after the painfully long hiatus! 

The return of the Fall means Revenge, Homeland, The Vampire Diaries, Hart of Dixie.. and so much more.. Seriously, what would I do without you, you and you?? 

And what's even better? A lot more new series surface from the various TV networks to battle it out for better tv ratings. Well, it's not my war but I'm sitting back enjoying the show. On my watch list currently are: The Mob Doctor, Made in Jersey, Elementary, The new normal and 666 Park Avenue. 

I'll try to give my reviews as often as I can but god knows I forget faster than I watch. 

Everybody. been. anticipating. for. the. return. of. REVENGE. 

Simply because the finale of Season 1 was such a cliff hanger. Just when you think everything's over - with the plane crash and what not….. 

We return in Season 2 with the entire East Hamptons mourning over the death of Victoria Grayson. Honestly, will this bitch die? The answer: NEVERRRRRRR!! 


Anyway, I think this new season will be interesting to unfold Charlotte's character in the series. Is she still that bratty little daddy's girl? Will she join allies with Emily and take down the Graysons? The possibilities are endless! Last season Charlotte battled with drugs, her painful (for me) relationship with Declan (which I'm SURE will be rekindled somewhere along the pipeline) and also finding out that she's the love child of David Clarke and Victoria; made her kinda cray cray. I believe this season will be different for her. I can tell from my gut that Charlotte will only get stronger. With some help of course. Sisterly..help?

As painful as it is to watch (how the writers taunt us with their hooks and nooks…), I think there will be an interesting turn of events - I almost want to cheat and go to the last page to find out what happened! 

One of the many reasons why I think Revenge is very cleverly written is because they use the idea of 'Doubt' as the seed of evil. People say Hope is a very dangerous thing, it sure is but Doubt is what makes people do crazy things. 

I think in the next episode, the writers are going to plant a shocker. 

Meanwhile, hold tight and enjoy Fall. ;)