Monday, November 30, 2009

Anyway, since I'm sleepless right now, I decided to do a LIST. Yes, a list.

This is, er, a list of things I'm going to do when I'm at BKK. Yes! The trip is finally offcial! It's coming true! Can you imagine the amount of shopping? I can't.

Anyway, back to the list. I'm getting to it, RIGHT NOW.

  1. Get my nails done. I placed this as top priority because I'm in serious danger of having my nails pop out of my nail beds. They're so gross right now, feels like really disgusting puke.
  2. Get presents for family and friends (got long long list now. that's another list for another time)
  3. Get FOOOOOOOD/SNACKSSSSS back for myself. Ok and family.
  4. Party but promised myself I won't drink too much
  5. MASSAGE! Need I say more?
  6. See ladyboys! Don't ask me to go Changi. I want real, real, real ladyboys from thaithaithailand!
  7. And at the bottom of the list - Sight-seeing. Who does that in BKK, anyway?
See, a list.
Okay, I think this is working. I'm feeling a little sleepy right now. I'm going to try lie down now.........

Somebody to love


It's official. I hate Sunday nights. I sleep too much in the day and get way too sleepless at night. This will not do.

Like Love, Sleeping is one of those things where you shouldn't need to try.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy birthday, sarah!

saw an awesome quote just 1 min ago on twitter...

"Sometimes things fall apart, so better things can fall into place." - annoymous

Good one, no? :)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Dinner with Ally today was good. It was impromptu but good.

We talked about lots of stuff - Work, recent happenings, mutual friends, boyfriends, other people's boyfriends/love lives... we never run out of topic. As I chew on my plate of Caesar Salad, I'm thankful for girlfriends like her who doesn't judge me, demand, expect anything from me. Afterall, there are only so many people you can rely on. Don't call me a cynic, I'm guarded by most people, because I think they're always out to take something away from you.

I've friends like that. In fact they're all around me. They just keep taking. And taking. When I say take, I don't mean physical objects like money or sexual favours, but intangible items like love, time and trust. These things can't be seen or touched but they can be felt. Every single day I wonder about the things I've been taken away of. Sometimes I try not to think about it but my mind wander off to the dark side again. They have cookies.

And sometimes, they take pieces of my heart too. To those who are guilty, please return them to its rightful owner, ie: Me.

Somehow when people steal, unknowingly or knowingly (it doesn't matter because they're still thieves), a little part of you just fades away. A part of me believe we're all made up of many, many wires. They're connected together like connecting dots on a drawing book. When people take something away from you, one wire shuts down and it no longer works. It can be fixed but even if it does, it doesn't light up as bright anymore.


I'm tired, I'm turning in. Good night.

PS: My pants came in the mailbox today. As usual, I look fat in them.

Sorry, I can't love you today,

Can you handle what he's about to do?

Don't expect Adam Lambert to be your kids' next role model, folks.

Lambert's recent raunchy and controversial performance at the AMA has raised a lot of eye brows and many tongues are wagging. Being openly gay, Lambert is not planning to tone down. He mentioned to the press that there are so many female raunchy acts but when a guy does it, people talk. If you havent heard or seen, during the performance, Lambert had some oral sex dance movements/expressions, grabbed his crotch and also kissed a male backup singer on stage.

Well, I can only say one thing - it's just not so easy being a celebrity anymore. *taps finger on table* It's no longer just about the vocal capabilities, it's also about what you can bring to the stage. The WOW factor. Stars like Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert stood out like sore thumbs not just because they openly discuss about their sexuality but they bring a different element to the stage. They're both great singers but their showmanship is even better. Every time they're on stage, they either make you drop your jaws in a good way or a bad way. There will be no room for awkward stares and painful yawns.

Is Adam Lambert the Male Lady Gaga? If yes, I think we can handle both. ;)

My take on the performance is simple. Performers are encouraged to be more creative with their moves and act. Lambert shouldn't be slammed for a creative performance (admit it guys, you enjoyed it), what more he was having a great time? That's how a performer should be, enjoying the short 3 minutes of fame on stage. If people will eventually forget it, why not create something that people will never forget? Well, to parents, if you're worried your kids may be led astray and taught the wrong values, don't expose them to TV. Better still, blind them! Seriously? What the hell.

Watch Lambert's performance at the AMA here:

Yay or Nay?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mango for Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson, the new face for Mango's Winter/Fall Collection? Hell yeah.

Here are some of my favourite shots:






Verdict: I love the new hair, Scarlett! Always felt the short crop looks good on you. I admit Penelope was a tad bit matured and way too sensual for the brand. The replacement of Johansson felt like a breathe of fresh air. The tousled hair, animal prints and high heels - Scarlett has never looked sexier. I'm happy with the new choice. Johansson is the ideal urban woman, cosmopolitan and definitely not stick-thin. ;)

For more of what's coming this season, visit their site at:

Penelope Cruz had a good season. We need some freshness, P. You're still hot though. Very, very hot.


Some updates on my latest purchases:


Fell in love with this pair of pumps when I saw it. They're just soooooooo cute. It's completely covered with velvet and extremely comfy. To get them, visit:!


Well, this pair of pants is a long story. Was supposed to be a chiffon dress instead but turn out my package was damaged and I requested for an exchange. Got a pair of these instead. High waist pants, really? Hmm. Can only put it on to tell. Can't wait to get my hands on them. Wasn't in my mailbox today. :) Get yours at:

Love you,

Friday, November 20, 2009

Album Review: Rated R - Rihanna

Riri Pictures, Images and Photos

The wait is finally Ova. I was excited when I heard Rihanna was in the midst of recording a new album. Well, the only wise thing she could do after the Chris Brown saga, was to focus on her career.

Rated R takes on a more Gothic feel, extremely dark, showing a lot of skin (which isn't rare) and slightly trying a little too hard to 'grow up'.

While you wait let me dissect her latest album for you track by track.

Mad House - A lyric-less intro interlude. Very dark and sensual, sets the tone of the album for cohesiveness.

Wait your turn - A catchy track. I can totally imagine playing this track on a night road trip with my girls, blasting it out loud on your speakers. You'll find yourself bobbing your head to the catchy line, "The wait is over, the wait is over.."

Hard ft Jeezy - A usual R&B number. We'll be hearing a lot of this in the clubs.

Stupid in love - Hmm, I wonder who this one’s about? *giggles* Finger snapping groove. Pretty much Mid-tempo. First verse, she goes “Don’t treat me like I’m stupid”. 2nd verse something about her being an idiot. Her friends have told her he is not one. 3rd verse, she talks about him “actin’ like a jerk”. Something about a “dunce cap”. Hook goes: “I may be young but I’m not stupid. I’m not stupid in love”. It's hard not to like the track.

Rockstar 101 - Possibly my favourite track on the album. Features Slash on guitar. Full of attitude. Watch out for this track with Riri on full swag mode. Only thing she's missing is a black guitar.

Russian Roulette - The album's first single. Played widely all over national radio, very dark but gets a little boring towards bridge.. Not something I'd play over and over again.

Fire Bomb - Heavy use of cars as metaphors. One of her lines go,
“Lovers need to clear the road” and “where we’re goin’ we don’t need no breaks”. Has more of a rock element that Rockstar, rather boring, nothing impressive.

Rude Boy - On this track, Rihanna brings on a hell lot of fun, extremely sexy. She's out looking for a new man who could 'take it, take it'. Boys would blush to hear her say, “Giddy up. Give it to me baby. Give it to me harder. Buckle up.” That's the Riri we like - having the time of her life, having fun.

Photographs ft - Great track going with Pumped up with's usual grooves and Riri's haunting vocals singing about a bad heartbreak. "All I've got is nothing without you" she sang repeatedly, was strangely quite smooth. Hard to not wonder if she's missing that particular someone.. hmm. When the drums kick in 2nd verse with the familiar BEP style. Will’s vocals come in on bridge adding a little male perspective on the matter.

G4L - Stands for "Gangsta for Life", couldn't tell until very much later. Feels like a part 2 to Jay-z's 'Run this town' which she was part of. Pretty much a dramatic track taking about guns in the air, bitches and m*therfu*kers. Fierce la this girl.

Te Amo - I guess this is considered one of her 'ballad' tracks? Cheesy. "Don't let love hurt you", a wise woman warns her. Think she's talking about Oprah.

Cold case love - A collaboration with Justin Timberlake. Once again it sets listeners thinking who's she singing about, "What you did to me was a crime". She's obviously very hurt in this track. At the chorus, "We opened up a cold case love, And It got the best of us, And Now prints, pictures & white outlines, Are all that's left at the scene of a crime of a cold case love.." Very well written lyrics but a tad bit slow for my liking.

The Last Song - Final track to the song, not exactly a great way to end the album. Felt like it was missing something, like ending it off too abruptly. And her singing "The last song" on repeat was kind of annoying.

Verdict - I generally enjoyed the album. The lack of cheesy, lovey dovey ballads was unlike her but it's an interesting take to the record. Riri was also a potty mouth in this record, much use of the F word in many tracks. Though there's one thing I don't understand - if the album was to divert people's attention away from her boyfriend saga, then why most of the songs are talking about her jerk of a boyfriend? Well on the a good note, I feel Riri is finally growing up (although she's trying a little hard to prove that point) and evolving into someone new.

Worthy tracks: Rockstar 101, Rude boy, Photographs, Cold case love.

With A-lists producers helping her through this record, I say, it was a good wait.

Rihanna - Rated R 2 Pictures, Images and Photos

Monday, November 2, 2009

Movie Picks: This is it


I told a friend of mine last week that I booked tickets to Michael Jackson's documentary movie "This is it" because it is only going to be screened for 2 weeks.

His replied was, "Haha, that guy just doesn't die ain't it?"

Truth be told, I think MJ will continue to live on forever in our minds, ears, and hearts.

There isn't much to tell you about the movie because they're just clips captured during MJ's London concert rehearsals. He was so energetic, he was hands on throughout production and was truly excited about the show. What is so bizarre about his death is - how could it happen? How could such an energetic and enthusiastic person die so suddenly just before the concert?

Michael Jackson is such an icon, people judge him, people label him.. people love and hate him.. I guess this is what they mean by "It is lonely on top".

I grew up listening to his hits. I was never really a fan. I enjoyed a couple of his tracks and find him a joy to watch on TV when I was little. As I grew older and new generation of pop stars take over the scene, MJ's still talked about but only in the bad light. The media talked about his lifestyle, his spendthrift shopping habits, his impossible skin and face, his everything, his life.. People just couldn't stop judging him but he still remained as the King of Pop, as the idol of many.

After his death, I paid more attention to his music and music videos. I'm sure there are many others who only started to listen more to his music after his death, though that is a shame on us. I discovered that not only is he a true performer, he is also a genius. I am convinced why so many people out there made him their idol because he is truly original and unique. You can never find someone so special else where. His passion for music deserves more than just respect. I can watch any of his videos at any time and still feel awed by his talent and originality.

I believe even after 50 years, MJ will still be talked about. His good and his bad. The media and press will still be writing about his achievements and his wacko moments. He will be living amongst our memories. His death is not the end of his legacy. It is only the beginning.

Michael Jackson, you'll always be remembered and loved.
For all the wonderful memories you created and left behind, Thank You.