Thursday, November 26, 2009

Dinner with Ally today was good. It was impromptu but good.

We talked about lots of stuff - Work, recent happenings, mutual friends, boyfriends, other people's boyfriends/love lives... we never run out of topic. As I chew on my plate of Caesar Salad, I'm thankful for girlfriends like her who doesn't judge me, demand, expect anything from me. Afterall, there are only so many people you can rely on. Don't call me a cynic, I'm guarded by most people, because I think they're always out to take something away from you.

I've friends like that. In fact they're all around me. They just keep taking. And taking. When I say take, I don't mean physical objects like money or sexual favours, but intangible items like love, time and trust. These things can't be seen or touched but they can be felt. Every single day I wonder about the things I've been taken away of. Sometimes I try not to think about it but my mind wander off to the dark side again. They have cookies.

And sometimes, they take pieces of my heart too. To those who are guilty, please return them to its rightful owner, ie: Me.

Somehow when people steal, unknowingly or knowingly (it doesn't matter because they're still thieves), a little part of you just fades away. A part of me believe we're all made up of many, many wires. They're connected together like connecting dots on a drawing book. When people take something away from you, one wire shuts down and it no longer works. It can be fixed but even if it does, it doesn't light up as bright anymore.


I'm tired, I'm turning in. Good night.

PS: My pants came in the mailbox today. As usual, I look fat in them.

Sorry, I can't love you today,

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