Thursday, November 26, 2009

Can you handle what he's about to do?

Don't expect Adam Lambert to be your kids' next role model, folks.

Lambert's recent raunchy and controversial performance at the AMA has raised a lot of eye brows and many tongues are wagging. Being openly gay, Lambert is not planning to tone down. He mentioned to the press that there are so many female raunchy acts but when a guy does it, people talk. If you havent heard or seen, during the performance, Lambert had some oral sex dance movements/expressions, grabbed his crotch and also kissed a male backup singer on stage.

Well, I can only say one thing - it's just not so easy being a celebrity anymore. *taps finger on table* It's no longer just about the vocal capabilities, it's also about what you can bring to the stage. The WOW factor. Stars like Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert stood out like sore thumbs not just because they openly discuss about their sexuality but they bring a different element to the stage. They're both great singers but their showmanship is even better. Every time they're on stage, they either make you drop your jaws in a good way or a bad way. There will be no room for awkward stares and painful yawns.

Is Adam Lambert the Male Lady Gaga? If yes, I think we can handle both. ;)

My take on the performance is simple. Performers are encouraged to be more creative with their moves and act. Lambert shouldn't be slammed for a creative performance (admit it guys, you enjoyed it), what more he was having a great time? That's how a performer should be, enjoying the short 3 minutes of fame on stage. If people will eventually forget it, why not create something that people will never forget? Well, to parents, if you're worried your kids may be led astray and taught the wrong values, don't expose them to TV. Better still, blind them! Seriously? What the hell.

Watch Lambert's performance at the AMA here:

Yay or Nay?

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