Sunday, February 5, 2012

Movie Review: Chronicle

(out of the many theatrical powers they've, I like this one the best)


While deciding whether we should catch Jack & Jill or Chronicles last night, we went ahead with the latter cos the seats was selling fast at the counters assuming everyone's gushing to watch it. I've also recently read a review on the Rolling Stone by Peter Travers (one of my favourite reviewers!) about the movie and allow me to cite him, he said the film 'spring surprises'.

In a nutshell, (major spoilers ahead because the plot is simple) Andrew who's a loner at school with a alcoholic dad and sickly bed ridden mother, decided that chronicling his life with a camcorder will open up his world. One day, his cousin Matt and popular school jock friend, Steve, discovered an alien-liked object in a hole. Whatever that they found remained unexplained throughout the film but whatever it is, after touching 'it', they were gifted with special powers they thought would ONLY happen in the movies.

With every new power, it started small. At first, they could hold things in mid air and consequently their powers enabled them to do absurd things such as flying (playing football in the skies, among the clouds, how's that??).

I'm sure you can predict the rest.. as usual Andrew the loner thought his new-found power made him powerful and abused it to hurt people who has hurt him like bullies in school, his drunk father and even innocents. He lost sight of reality and how he's really hurting people around him, his attitude and behavior took a dip after the death of Steve who was struck my lightning while trying to save him in mid-air. All these unfortunate events happened chronicling and was documented on the camcorder. Of course, the ending wasn't unexpected and it was a tragedy.

Some people walked out of the theatre half way because they thought it was boring or something (I mean, if you watched my life in chronicle on video, you'd be bored too.) but I felt that the film was sending a strong message to young and old alike; like how Spiderman would say it "With great power comes great responsibility".

It's true. Of course the film used unimaginable super powers as a metaphor for money, power and fame. When one has them, it's so easy to lose sight of what's real and eventually you lose yourself. Was researching and saw this article about powers and responsibilities, read it. What the author said is true, we all have the power to influence. Good or bad, it's up to you.

You can watch Chronicle's trailer here:

On another piece of saaaaaaaad news, I'm stuck on this song lah. It began with a guy calling his friend saying he's on his way to pick him up on A YACHT and a few bad hot lady dancers #dayum #loserisme