Sunday, July 1, 2012


Hi, I've.. resurfaced.

I made a promise to myself that I'll try to write more, blog more. Since.. many people are cashing in on it, WHY THE FUCK NOT ME?! I can... put together some sentences. Sure I do.

At some point, somebody's gonna find my entries interesting.

There really isn't any difference between summer and non-summer days here in SG. It's either humid or much more humid. We get the occasional rain and thunderstorms but we won't be seeing that for awhile, the hot, sticky summer is here to stay.

Blazer - Cotton On ; Flora top - New Look ; Tortise shell shades - Cotton on ; Polish - OPI ; Accessories - Far east plaza

As much as I enjoy layering but it's almost impossible in SG. First of all, I sweat like a pig in 5 minutes. This blazer is quite a prized possession for me, it's made of the thinnest and lightest blazer material ever, and it has shoulder pads!

Summer's almost the best time to play up the neons and bold colors! Nobody's gonna judge you for shit. If anybody's interested to find out the name of these two yummy colors I own..

Charged up cherry - NLB35
Metallic 4 life - NLN15

 My motto for the summer: Don't play it down, ever.