Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Do you know why I love the Fall? 

.. Because all my favorite shows come back with a big fat bang after the painfully long hiatus! 

The return of the Fall means Revenge, Homeland, The Vampire Diaries, Hart of Dixie.. and so much more.. Seriously, what would I do without you, you and you?? 

And what's even better? A lot more new series surface from the various TV networks to battle it out for better tv ratings. Well, it's not my war but I'm sitting back enjoying the show. On my watch list currently are: The Mob Doctor, Made in Jersey, Elementary, The new normal and 666 Park Avenue. 

I'll try to give my reviews as often as I can but god knows I forget faster than I watch. 

Everybody. been. anticipating. for. the. return. of. REVENGE. 

Simply because the finale of Season 1 was such a cliff hanger. Just when you think everything's over - with the plane crash and what not….. 

We return in Season 2 with the entire East Hamptons mourning over the death of Victoria Grayson. Honestly, will this bitch die? The answer: NEVERRRRRRR!! 


Anyway, I think this new season will be interesting to unfold Charlotte's character in the series. Is she still that bratty little daddy's girl? Will she join allies with Emily and take down the Graysons? The possibilities are endless! Last season Charlotte battled with drugs, her painful (for me) relationship with Declan (which I'm SURE will be rekindled somewhere along the pipeline) and also finding out that she's the love child of David Clarke and Victoria; made her kinda cray cray. I believe this season will be different for her. I can tell from my gut that Charlotte will only get stronger. With some help of course. Sisterly..help?

As painful as it is to watch (how the writers taunt us with their hooks and nooks…), I think there will be an interesting turn of events - I almost want to cheat and go to the last page to find out what happened! 

One of the many reasons why I think Revenge is very cleverly written is because they use the idea of 'Doubt' as the seed of evil. People say Hope is a very dangerous thing, it sure is but Doubt is what makes people do crazy things. 

I think in the next episode, the writers are going to plant a shocker. 

Meanwhile, hold tight and enjoy Fall. ;) 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Toby's Estate Cafe

Breakfast is.. always good.

I love waking up for breakfast - but of course on most weekends, I skip it because I rather sleep in. Finally made it this time and visited Toby's Estate Cafe! I'm happy to say, they didn't disappoint.

It was pretty crowded for a Saturday morning. We had to wait about 30 minutes before we got a seat.

It's interior reminds me of the quaint cafes I visited in Perth. Had a really organic feel to it. The space wasn't big so it felt cozy when it's bustling. The waiting staff weren't very attentive, that I felt was the only down point. It was a nice day to be upset with someone, really.

Our food came fast. We both ordered Eggs Royale ($14). The hollandaise sauce was bursting with flavour and sinful. The salmon was fresh. The bread was soft and lightly toasted. A good breakfast to me include poached eggs. I had a cafe mocha to go at the end.

I'd definitely come back and try their lunch and dinner menu!

Toby's Estate Cafe
8 Rodyk St #01-03/04 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

SYTYCD 2012 Episode 14 - Top 4

Wow feels like time really flies.... SYTYCD has reached its top 4 dancer and this week's episode was... MIND-BLOWING. 

Honestly, I'm glad I don't get to vote because of where I'm located because I really wouldn't know who to pick. Each of them has their unique style, have great personalities on stage and they DANCED their butts off this week!

Let's just get down to the deeds with my favourites.

Chehon & Alison - Contemporary 

This routine by Stacey Tookie has got to be my favourite of the night because of its story and mainly because of Chehon. I think I've never seen Chehon danced like this before. I don't mean that he danced poorly before this but in this routine I felt like he put in 200% and truly felt FREE. He looked as though he was having the time of his life and gave his all. A little background story of this routine: It's about a girl who has an opportunity to leave town and chase her dreams but in this pursuit she has to leave her partner. Her partner knows that she loves him and so does he but he chose to let her go, to let her have her dreams. It was definitely one of those.. defining moment for Chehon where the audience truly got to see what an amazing dancer he is and how much hard work he has put in to come so far. And I think Chehon and Cole come close in terms of skills but I don't think Cole would have been able to pull this off as well as Chehon if he was in the finale instead of Cyrus. #justsaying 

Tiffany and Will - Contemporary 

First and foremost, I didn't think this is my favourite Sonya Tayeh routine. It wasn't exactly spectacular or jaw-dropping. I enjoyed it mainly because Will and Tiffany has such great chemistry on stage which was always nice to watch because their performance looked believeable. Dance and Acting are the same, technically speaking. It require the skills to emote through your limbs and facial expressions. I enjoyed watching Will so much I wish he didn't have to get off the stage! He's such a smiley dancer. ;) 

Cyrus & Twitch - Animation/Dubstep 

But of course......... I'm certain that this routine blew everyone's mind! CHECK OUT THE OPENING when the glasses were smashed through as Cyrus and Twitch stepped out of their 'cubicle'. Uber cool! I like that SYTYCD always showcase different genres of dance to the home audience who aren't dancers or have never been exposed to such a thing. Season 9 opened our eyes to ballet and animation which was never done before. I don't think animation would have been first choice if NOT for Cyrus who first showed the world what it was. It's very... niche. Hah! 

I wasn't thrilled when Nigel has to be such a bummer to say he's not going to vote for Cyrus tonight because of personal reasons. Honestly, I didn't think anyone wanted to know. It was such a low moment for me I wished they cut it. Frankly, I'm not surprise if Cyrus wins because the voters are voting for "America's favourite boy/girl dancer". Nuff' said. 

Next week is results night - I won't be rooting for anyone because I like all 4 of them. I'm gonna just...... enjoy the show. 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

SYTYCD 2012 Episode 13 - Top 6

 This week's SYTYCD had some unexpected twists for the finale next week...... Wait let me catch my breath......

Before I share with you my favourite routines of this week, can I just say that Christina Applegate just annoys the SHIT out of me sometimes? Sometimes her puns are not funny and her cryptic comments make me cringe. Ok enough.

Eliana & Cole - Contemporary

I have to say I felt really strongly for this piece and Nigel Lythgoe put it exactly how I would have said it - When you love someone this much, on the opposite scale, you'd HATE that person just as much. Mia Michaels is a genius. I can't say I enjoy ALL her routines but this one really made a strong statement and I'd say this pairing was the right match for this piece because both of them exude the same kind of strength and ability to emote like a real actor. Both of them could possibly make it as actors if they ever want to be! 

Tiffany & Benji - Jive 

I think Jive is my favourite ballroom dance because it embodies fun and energy! To be honest with you - Tiffany didn't particularly stood out for me from the start of this competition. She's a great dancer but she just didn't sparkle as much as the rest. However this week she shined like a million, gazillion STARS! It's almost like a meteor garden.  (haha, I'm cringing at my bad pun) I enjoyed this routine so much because it's so fun and energetic to watch! Made me felt like I need to put on my dancing shoes and dance along. I absolutely adored it!

Witney & Marko - Lyrical Jazz 

First and foremost, I'M SO HAPPY MARKO IS BACKKKKKKK! I love him to bits. He's such a charming dancer. Each time he dances, he puts in so much heart and soul in it. Any girl is lucky to have him as a partner. With that said, I felt Marko carried Witney throughout this routine. I also liked the story behind this piece? It's about a couple at the altar and the girl is having second thoughts about getting hitched. Thought it was simple and cute and how it translate so beautifully through dance. 

Tiffany & Cyrus - Broadway

Wow so many great routines this week! I love this one a lot because it's so cheeky, cute and told an amazing story! I thought both of them make a great team, their energy level kinda feed off each other and it really translate it in dance terms very, very well. Both of them do cute SO effortlessly and it was so delicious on so many levels. And in this routine, you can really see that though Cyrus isn't as great as a dancer as Tiffany or compared to any of the male dancers on the show but he puts in 200% everytime he performs and he delivered it well. Love, love, love this one!

...... And there were the results. 

I expected Witney to go home simply because she just isn't getting much votes from America. When you know she was saved many times at the bottom 2 or 3 because she's a great dancer, you just KNOW she isn't going very far because the judges can only save her that many times. I'm definitely going to miss watching her dance because she's such a ball of fire on stage! 

AND OMG, I thought Cyrus was going home but he didn't!!!! Truth is, Cole is a WAY better dancer than Cyrus and there is alot of talk in the social sphere that Cyrus should have been the one to leave instead of Cole based on skills. HOWEVER, as Nigel Lythgoe has said it thousand times before....... this competition isn't just about talent and skills - it's also a popularity contest. And obviously, America loves Cyrus more than ultra, ultra talented Cole. (His mom's video to him made me cry, FYI!) 

Anyway this was such an exciting week - can't believe next Tuesday is the FINALE. We're going to have to wait till 2013 for the next season. BOOHOO. My guess for the win is Tiffany and Cyrus. I'm not entirely sure because feels like Chehon is winning votes every week - CAN'T WAIT.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Step Up Revolution

Yet another Step Up franchise.

This time set in the gorgeous, sunny Miami. *Sings* I'M IN MIAMI, BITCHHHHHH

Many familiar faces in the show from #SYTYCD - Katherine McCormick, Twitch.. Even regular guest judge of the popular dance show on Fox, Adam Shankman co-produced this 4th installation.

Don't expect the show to have a plot. I mean, what for? People go to the theaters for its choreography and good looking cast.

In a nutshell, the show opens with The Mob, an underground dance crew, competing to win $100,000 prize money on an online flash mob popularity contest. The story unfolds with a property developer wanting to take away a piece of land to redevelop that belong to the locals for years now, leaving people possibly homeless. The Mob then take matters in their own hands to stop them by sending the world a message through flash mobs at public places leaving their audience mysterious about who they actually are. (well, because they jolly well can go to jail for such an act o__O)

I enjoyed the choreography thoroughly, some of them came up unexpected however the show loses its charm once the cast starts speaking. Katherine McCormick is KNOWN for her high pitch voice and girlie ways when she was first spotted on SYTYCD Season 6 and lands herself 3rd place - it shows through and through in the show. Which was highly annoying but bearable. I had to keep telling myself I'm not here for her.

I enjoyed Step Up 3 alot, because the plot didn't seem that shallow. Step Up Revolution for me fell short with its plot and less than perfect cast. Cute guys though...?

Friday, August 31, 2012

It's like an arrow shot through the dark

Life as we know it... is never easy.

I'm typing this entry with a heavy heart. Yep, a heavy heart on a Friday doesn't sound right.

When was the last time you felt like you've made a real bad decision and you can't do anything to make it right? About matters of the heart, I've made one too many bad decisions. All because I listened to my heart.

Upset doesn't even cut it anymore. Disappointment creeps in like it has always been following me around like a shadow. I hate being disappointed because it numbs the heart. Out of a sudden you don't know what to feel anymore.

To all the happy people, thank your lucky stars as they aligned.

To all the unhappy people, I'm with ya.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

SYTYCD 2012 Episode 12 - Top 8

Wow. Just.. Wow.

This week's SYTYCD was filled with surprises.

As most of you can tell, they've changed the format of the show slightly this year - not sure if it's for the better because the show feels really short - this year America will get to vote for their favorite GUY and GIRL dancer. Each week not one but TWO dancers get voted off the show. Phew. It always gets me there. *falls into an anxiety attack*

My favorite routines this week:

 Will & Lauren's Lyrical Hip Hop

First of all - the track is a.m.a.z.i.n.g. Christopher Scott has his hits and misses. Not all his routines made great impressions, to be honest.. however this one told a great story. It had great musicality, moves and a simple story - "Dance my pain away, I've got problems". I thought Will tried his bestest and show his serious side which was very charming. Sad that he had to go but I'm sure this is going to leave a good memory in people's minds. And HEY! If you like the track as much as I do.... here it is!

Dance my pain away - Wye Oak

 Cole & Alison's Contemporary

I don't think I can ever dislike a Sonya Tayeh routine. Like what the judges said..... SONYA YOU'RE A SICK, DEMENTED WOMAN AND I LOVE IT!!!!!! I think each week Cole's takes his dance and acting to the next level. He's such a chameleon - he can do almost anything. This week he is cast as a sadistic lover with no soul and heart, tormenting Alison who's desperately in love with the devil. What can I say? It took my breath away again. 

Last week's elimination was pretty predictable. George didn't make it because he just didn't have the star quality unlike the others who were still in the running. However THIS WEEK was quite a rollercoaster ride for most of them! I expected Chehon to be in the bottom 2 but he didn't! I'm guessing viewers are beginning to see his x-factor?? His charm?

AND OMGGGGGGGG I was so surprised to see Lindsay in the bottom 2 this week! And there she was, Witney at the bottom 2 AGAIN. You know I figured why she's there week by week. People are intimidated by her sensuality.. her sexiness.. sometimes it kinda makes her look slutty but HEY! She's a great dancer though and that is why..... she was saved. Can't be too sure if she's going to make it out next week but fingers crossed.

It's only going to get more exciting each week. Can't wait for next week's results! At this point, I can't seem to put my finger into who's going to win... probably by next week it will be clearer.