Thursday, August 30, 2012

SYTYCD 2012 Episode 12 - Top 8

Wow. Just.. Wow.

This week's SYTYCD was filled with surprises.

As most of you can tell, they've changed the format of the show slightly this year - not sure if it's for the better because the show feels really short - this year America will get to vote for their favorite GUY and GIRL dancer. Each week not one but TWO dancers get voted off the show. Phew. It always gets me there. *falls into an anxiety attack*

My favorite routines this week:

 Will & Lauren's Lyrical Hip Hop

First of all - the track is a.m.a.z.i.n.g. Christopher Scott has his hits and misses. Not all his routines made great impressions, to be honest.. however this one told a great story. It had great musicality, moves and a simple story - "Dance my pain away, I've got problems". I thought Will tried his bestest and show his serious side which was very charming. Sad that he had to go but I'm sure this is going to leave a good memory in people's minds. And HEY! If you like the track as much as I do.... here it is!

Dance my pain away - Wye Oak

 Cole & Alison's Contemporary

I don't think I can ever dislike a Sonya Tayeh routine. Like what the judges said..... SONYA YOU'RE A SICK, DEMENTED WOMAN AND I LOVE IT!!!!!! I think each week Cole's takes his dance and acting to the next level. He's such a chameleon - he can do almost anything. This week he is cast as a sadistic lover with no soul and heart, tormenting Alison who's desperately in love with the devil. What can I say? It took my breath away again. 

Last week's elimination was pretty predictable. George didn't make it because he just didn't have the star quality unlike the others who were still in the running. However THIS WEEK was quite a rollercoaster ride for most of them! I expected Chehon to be in the bottom 2 but he didn't! I'm guessing viewers are beginning to see his x-factor?? His charm?

AND OMGGGGGGGG I was so surprised to see Lindsay in the bottom 2 this week! And there she was, Witney at the bottom 2 AGAIN. You know I figured why she's there week by week. People are intimidated by her sensuality.. her sexiness.. sometimes it kinda makes her look slutty but HEY! She's a great dancer though and that is why..... she was saved. Can't be too sure if she's going to make it out next week but fingers crossed.

It's only going to get more exciting each week. Can't wait for next week's results! At this point, I can't seem to put my finger into who's going to win... probably by next week it will be clearer.

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