Saturday, September 1, 2012

Step Up Revolution

Yet another Step Up franchise.

This time set in the gorgeous, sunny Miami. *Sings* I'M IN MIAMI, BITCHHHHHH

Many familiar faces in the show from #SYTYCD - Katherine McCormick, Twitch.. Even regular guest judge of the popular dance show on Fox, Adam Shankman co-produced this 4th installation.

Don't expect the show to have a plot. I mean, what for? People go to the theaters for its choreography and good looking cast.

In a nutshell, the show opens with The Mob, an underground dance crew, competing to win $100,000 prize money on an online flash mob popularity contest. The story unfolds with a property developer wanting to take away a piece of land to redevelop that belong to the locals for years now, leaving people possibly homeless. The Mob then take matters in their own hands to stop them by sending the world a message through flash mobs at public places leaving their audience mysterious about who they actually are. (well, because they jolly well can go to jail for such an act o__O)

I enjoyed the choreography thoroughly, some of them came up unexpected however the show loses its charm once the cast starts speaking. Katherine McCormick is KNOWN for her high pitch voice and girlie ways when she was first spotted on SYTYCD Season 6 and lands herself 3rd place - it shows through and through in the show. Which was highly annoying but bearable. I had to keep telling myself I'm not here for her.

I enjoyed Step Up 3 alot, because the plot didn't seem that shallow. Step Up Revolution for me fell short with its plot and less than perfect cast. Cute guys though...?

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