Saturday, September 15, 2012

SYTYCD 2012 Episode 14 - Top 4

Wow feels like time really flies.... SYTYCD has reached its top 4 dancer and this week's episode was... MIND-BLOWING. 

Honestly, I'm glad I don't get to vote because of where I'm located because I really wouldn't know who to pick. Each of them has their unique style, have great personalities on stage and they DANCED their butts off this week!

Let's just get down to the deeds with my favourites.

Chehon & Alison - Contemporary 

This routine by Stacey Tookie has got to be my favourite of the night because of its story and mainly because of Chehon. I think I've never seen Chehon danced like this before. I don't mean that he danced poorly before this but in this routine I felt like he put in 200% and truly felt FREE. He looked as though he was having the time of his life and gave his all. A little background story of this routine: It's about a girl who has an opportunity to leave town and chase her dreams but in this pursuit she has to leave her partner. Her partner knows that she loves him and so does he but he chose to let her go, to let her have her dreams. It was definitely one of those.. defining moment for Chehon where the audience truly got to see what an amazing dancer he is and how much hard work he has put in to come so far. And I think Chehon and Cole come close in terms of skills but I don't think Cole would have been able to pull this off as well as Chehon if he was in the finale instead of Cyrus. #justsaying 

Tiffany and Will - Contemporary 

First and foremost, I didn't think this is my favourite Sonya Tayeh routine. It wasn't exactly spectacular or jaw-dropping. I enjoyed it mainly because Will and Tiffany has such great chemistry on stage which was always nice to watch because their performance looked believeable. Dance and Acting are the same, technically speaking. It require the skills to emote through your limbs and facial expressions. I enjoyed watching Will so much I wish he didn't have to get off the stage! He's such a smiley dancer. ;) 

Cyrus & Twitch - Animation/Dubstep 

But of course......... I'm certain that this routine blew everyone's mind! CHECK OUT THE OPENING when the glasses were smashed through as Cyrus and Twitch stepped out of their 'cubicle'. Uber cool! I like that SYTYCD always showcase different genres of dance to the home audience who aren't dancers or have never been exposed to such a thing. Season 9 opened our eyes to ballet and animation which was never done before. I don't think animation would have been first choice if NOT for Cyrus who first showed the world what it was. It's very... niche. Hah! 

I wasn't thrilled when Nigel has to be such a bummer to say he's not going to vote for Cyrus tonight because of personal reasons. Honestly, I didn't think anyone wanted to know. It was such a low moment for me I wished they cut it. Frankly, I'm not surprise if Cyrus wins because the voters are voting for "America's favourite boy/girl dancer". Nuff' said. 

Next week is results night - I won't be rooting for anyone because I like all 4 of them. I'm gonna just...... enjoy the show. 

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