Monday, November 2, 2009

Movie Picks: This is it


I told a friend of mine last week that I booked tickets to Michael Jackson's documentary movie "This is it" because it is only going to be screened for 2 weeks.

His replied was, "Haha, that guy just doesn't die ain't it?"

Truth be told, I think MJ will continue to live on forever in our minds, ears, and hearts.

There isn't much to tell you about the movie because they're just clips captured during MJ's London concert rehearsals. He was so energetic, he was hands on throughout production and was truly excited about the show. What is so bizarre about his death is - how could it happen? How could such an energetic and enthusiastic person die so suddenly just before the concert?

Michael Jackson is such an icon, people judge him, people label him.. people love and hate him.. I guess this is what they mean by "It is lonely on top".

I grew up listening to his hits. I was never really a fan. I enjoyed a couple of his tracks and find him a joy to watch on TV when I was little. As I grew older and new generation of pop stars take over the scene, MJ's still talked about but only in the bad light. The media talked about his lifestyle, his spendthrift shopping habits, his impossible skin and face, his everything, his life.. People just couldn't stop judging him but he still remained as the King of Pop, as the idol of many.

After his death, I paid more attention to his music and music videos. I'm sure there are many others who only started to listen more to his music after his death, though that is a shame on us. I discovered that not only is he a true performer, he is also a genius. I am convinced why so many people out there made him their idol because he is truly original and unique. You can never find someone so special else where. His passion for music deserves more than just respect. I can watch any of his videos at any time and still feel awed by his talent and originality.

I believe even after 50 years, MJ will still be talked about. His good and his bad. The media and press will still be writing about his achievements and his wacko moments. He will be living amongst our memories. His death is not the end of his legacy. It is only the beginning.

Michael Jackson, you'll always be remembered and loved.
For all the wonderful memories you created and left behind, Thank You.

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