Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fremantle & Victoria Park

Mike brought me to Fremantle (apparently people call it Freo?) despite still feeling sick which I probably will be eternally grateful. The weather today was unfortunately rainy BUT it was waaaaay better than yesterday's blazing HOT sun. Both Mike and myself felt so much better today though I had to toughen up to brave through the rain.

I did some good shopping! Valley girl, dayum. Headed down to Victoria Park hoping to shop somemore but the rain was such a bitch. Mike brought me to a thrift store - true blue one judging from the smell of old, mouldy clothes hehe, I got myself a book for $4! We also saw someone who looked like Snoop Dog.

Thank you Mike, for showing me around these 2 days! You're such a gem. I like counting your wrinkles. ;D

Right now I'm just enjoying the cold weather and watching Law & Order on telly. Life should be like that everyday.

MORE shopping with Sarah tomorrow. Should be glorious.

Anyway before I head off to bed, let me leave you with the most refreshing blog entry I've read to date - one that makes the most sense so far -

Life's too short to worry. Yes, life beckons and you never found the courage to leave your shit job, sleep in your small apartment, a car that won't start and not having enough sex; when will you stop from all that madness and live your life the way you should be? This trip to Perth truly opened my eyes a lot more. I find myself saying this often - Yea, I wanna travel! I want to go to Europe! Japan! Blah blah blah blah but never got down to make any of that happen. From this moment on, I'm gonna start saving and travel the world! For real.

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