Friday, November 4, 2011

Perth City


As I type this entry, I'm resting my feet from all that walking and shopping. Man, I think I've walked off all the carbs we ate today!

Daleth dropped me off at Perth city and met up with the ever so lovely Sarah O! She brought me to most of the shops selling all the girlie stuff and of course, we both headed to the SALE section first. Wouldn't say the discount was awesome. Probably the cheapest thing I got today was 2 cardigans at Jay Jays for A at $5AUD each. I got myself a full-leather bag for $90AUD! Super love.

Anyway, realise I didn't shop that much after pouring out my loot on my bed. Shopping in Perth is waaaaaay too expensive. When am I going BKK again? =| Hint hint.

I had fun today! Updated Sarah about me and so did she. I hope this pretty young thing finds true love and be happy. Cliche, I know.

Heading to Subi market & Claremont tomorrow. It's gonna be another awesome day, I reckon. Can't believe I'm heading back to SG in another 3 days. :(

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