Sunday, November 13, 2011

Review: Evolu Exoliating Body Polish

I've had this tube of goodness for over months and I only managed to try it now. Got to know this organic New Zealand skin care brand from work and was given this to me as a gift from a sweet colleague. I've personally met founder of Evolu, Kati Kasza, who's got such a great spirit and personality! She believes in the power of equilibrium to promote healthy skin. According to Kati, every pure, bioactive product in the Evolu range is specifically blended to help achieve and maintain your skin's ideal balance.

If you're like me, you live in a country that's 24/7 HOT and HUMID, you've got to try this.

What is it?: Evolu exfoliating body polish consist of crushed walnut and kiwi seeds to help slough off dead skin cells, which works amazingly well! What I love most about this product is it contain New Zealand lavender, eucalyptus and menthol that leave your skin cool, refreshed and a tingling sensation that works best in a hot weather. In fact after 30 minutes, I can still feel the cooling sensation on my skin.

I used it on rough areas such as elbows (ugh, never understood why they're so rough!!!), knees and my back. If you're always in the sun, you might want to get a full back scrub with this glorious product because not only does it help cool down sun burns, it also removes all the gunk on your back which will help reduce acne :)

I occasionally use it on my chest because I'm rather prone to acne there as well.

Pros: Affordable, most Evolu products are in the range of $30 - $40 for their basic skin care which I think is extremely inexpensive judging that it's an organic skin care brand. You'll also be happy to know that all Evolu products are cruelty-free, contain no parabens, petrochemicals, minerals, phthalates, sulfats, artificial colours or fragrances, and no animal products other than beeswax and lanolin!

Cons: I absolutely love this body polish to death, I can't find anything to hate about it. Ok, maybe 1 thing....... I always wind up with a lot of kiwi seeds on my bathroom floor. #justsaying

Where to find Evolu in SG?: You can find them at all major Guardian Pharmacies and John Little.

Go get it, you can thank me later. ;) Have yourself a glorious Sunday!

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