Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hot hot hot

Hello, this is me blogging miles away from home, in Perth. Thought this deserves an entry since I've got the night to spare.

It's been a crazy ride, alright? The past weeks for me have been ridiculous. And I fucking mean it. Other than my infections coming back to haunt me like a muthafarker, 3 days Women's Fair at Marina Square WHILE plagued with infections wasn't my kind of fun. Headed back to work with only a day to handover everything to Micque before I fly the next morning (Geez, almost couldn't due to the Qantas strikes. Seriously. What. The. Hell.).

So.......... yup here I am resting my skin and feet in a quiet suburb in Western Australia.

Perth has been......................... hot. The weather's crazy. I think it's hotter here than in SG, less humid though but the heat is just.. driving me nuts. I make sure I keep myself hydrated throughout the day. AND THE DAMN FLIES. Jesus, they are everywhere. When I told Mike there weren't any in SG unless someone kept food out in the open for days, he seem shocked.

Anyway, other than the heat, I'm pretty much enjoying myself being away from work and alone. I miss home, local food, and my bed. Everyone here's so friendly and I love Target, KMART and Woolsworth!!!

Hope everyone's good wherever you are. I'm safe and enjoying a lot more fun than you. :P

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