Friday, April 1, 2011

2 months, 8 weeks, 61 days

Many have asked me time and time again, "Are you ok? How are you dealing with the break up?". A month ago, I was shrugging it off, talking about it here and there and today I finally felt like I could talk about it. You know, without hate.

The breakup wasn't immediate like a tsunami, it felt like a slow and deadly flesh-eating disease that chew me inside out over time. There were couple times I couldn't deal with it at all, I had to hide under sheets and cry but these days I don't cry so much anymore. I still think about the past some times but it doesn't hurt anymore. That's progress, IMO.

I don't know about him. A month after the breakup, I decided to unfollow him on twitter which honestly helped me A LOT. They were right, if you really want to get over someone, you need to stay away from the person even if it means virtually. Facebook updates were a hit and miss.

In short, the breakup didn't uprooted my life. I was very fortunate. It just uprooted me from all that compromising state I was in. I was really rolling in the deep. I am scarred but I believe some day someone's gonna walk me out of it. Out of all that second guessing and insecurity. He just didn't want to be the one and it's okay.

It's been 2 months equivalent of 8 weeks and equivalent of 61 days...... I'm clean of the achin'.

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