Thursday, February 4, 2010

Halia Restaurant and Botanic Garden

B brought me to Halia Restaurant at Botanic Garden yesterday. It's a beautiful, beautiful place.

We didn't manage to see the place by day because by the time we walked there it started to get dark. We were like Dora the Explorer exploring Botanic Garden! BG is mofo huge, I tell you.

Me: Are we on the right traccccccck....... I'm tired...........
B: Have you explored Botanic Garden before?
Me: No?
B: See! We're exploring the place together then! You're exploring Botanic Garden with me!

*big smile*

Finally, after a long long walk, and his attempt to push me into the artificial fall, we made it there!



Pictures taken from: Here

I don't have photos of the dishes because my camera sucks and his iphone doesn't have flash. He had a ribeye steak which was average but he commented on the how the sauce they have on the baked potato which made the potato really yummy. I picked a duck dish with a Japanese fusion. With Japanese sweet potato puree by the sides, the savoury duck actually tasted really sweet. Felt like I skipped right to the dessert.

Overall, we had a good meal. :) Thank you, b!

Oh, did I tell you that wasn't really my first time visiting Botanic Gardens? Last Saturday I was there for a picnic with the gang. Ty's potato salad's really good. I'm going to steal his recipe! Sometimes when you indulge in life's simplest pleasures, you find yourself easily content.





Have a good Thursday.
You have all my love.

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