Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Food Review: DeSté & Wild Honey

... I made my way to Wild Honey. ;]

Was there on Sunday with Jason and Lala, thanks guys for the not-so-secret surprise (cause' I'm so smart to guess it right at first try!). I've always wanted to visit this "Breakfast place" everyone has been raving about. If you read Rozz's blog from 987, she is an ardent fan and visits there almost every week!

So they don't do reservations - for such a small place, I figured why. What more, we met with the Labour day PH, which was a TOTAL BUMMER. Anyway, so we made our way there only to find ourselves in the queue with like 3207423938 other people. We were told that we had to wait for approximately 1 hour for seats. I'm dying to try la but we were MADDDDD hungry please :( While waiting, we decided to go for some desserts first!

DeSté - A Tradition in Confectionary

Located at quite a secret area behind 313, DeSté is a little alfresco italian dessert place. If you're in for expensive looking yet not crazy on the wallet, DeSté is the place to go for yummy desserts! They've a range of gelato ice creams, chocolates (for someone who doesn't like chocolates at all, I am sold!), coffee, teas, cakes and all things sweet!

From left: Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake Wrap, Piedmont Pave, Tiramisu (Photos shamelessly stolen from Jason Muhu)

Right now they've an amazing promotion - A slice of cake + a piece of premium chocolate bon bons + a scoop of gelato ice cream + a drink (coffee/tea) for $14.90

They've 3 outlets at the moment:The Riverwalk next to the Singapore River, Mandarin Gallery and 313@Somerset.

Trust me, you'll love it for its chic store front, great desserts and friendly service staffs.

Wild Honey @ Mandarin Gallery

So, we waited for an hour and left for Wild Honey after DeSté. I wasn't too happy with their Service, for one. We were told to wait for an hour and said they'd call us when they've seats freed up for us but the call didnt came. When we got there, they said they did give us a miss call but we didnt pick up which can't be true because we didnt even receive any call from them. I wasn't impress with their service even before stepping in.

I also don't really like their "Pay at the counter first before seated" policy at the store. First of all, their queue line is really narrow and I don't like the idea of having to hold up the queue while deciding what to eat. It was rather pressurizing. Anyway, we decided on a Tunisian, Mexican and English Breakfast (UNDER PRESSURE!! :P) and we all ordered a Mandarin Wilderness Mocktail each.

Top: Mexican, Tunisian
Bottom: English breakfast & Sides (Mushrooms and Baked Beans)

Verdict: I'd say it was alright. Nothing too fantastic. It could be because I didnt start empty stomach. I couldn't finish my wrap. Their dishes are saltier than you'd imagine. The sides are great, then again, very salty. I probably wouldn't go there too often, maybe once in a while if I'm craving for very good breakfast. Price wise was manageable. :)

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