Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Black and white

There are some heads that are cute, while black and white heads surfacing on your t-zone, nose (UGH!) and chin ARE GROSS. I've been using Etude house's green tea nose pore pack for awhile now and it has served me very well. It's also very cheap, 90cents a piece which can be purchased singularly so you don't need to commit to buying a whole pack of 5 pieces if it doesn't work for you.

I was at NEX mall yesterday and walked in to Etude House to get some cos my nose has got too much gunk! To my horror, they are sold out NATION WIDE. Obviously I was devastated. But not for too long, hee. Skinfood was just situated next to Etude, I decided to give them a shot. I mean what can be so bad right? The beauty advisor recommended me to get their star product - Skinfood Black beans nose pack. Comes in a pack of 7 and priced at $12.80.

Skinfood's known for using very natural ingredients in their products and for a korean brand it's quite costly. (For a tub of face mask can cost up to $41) I've never really used anything by them other than a sample tube of Rice mask I tried the other time which wasn't too bad. I've heard raves about it. I didn't see results because I didn't have the patience to try it over a period of time.

They have the exact same 'green tea-ish' smell when you peel the pack off and put it on your nose. I didn't find the smell overpowering (I've read many bloggers wrote that it stinks lol). It was manageable. It states to leave it on for 15 mins till its dry and true enough when it's about time you can actually feel the 'suction' from it? Like it's really removing all the GUNK!

When I stripped it off my nose, to my horror/amazement.. A LOT of gunk was pulled out! Like A LOT. I was horrified that my nose had that much gunk on it.

Here's a pic to prove. HAHAHA


Can you see how much gunk's on it? I'm truly amazed!

My Verdict:

I'm very impressed with the results just by ONE application. My nose was a lot cleaner than before, though there are still much more to clear but it has to be done over time unless you want a major break out. Overall, I'm a happy customer. I'll definitely buy again once I run out.

  1. Easy application. Just follow the blardy steps ok?
  2. Instructions were thoroughly clear. It actually gave good advice! At the back of the pack it did say if you're living in a humid/warm climate, keep it on for 15 mins and cold climate, 10 mins. This is so you don't dry out your skin.
  3. The Etude house green tea nose pack couldn't reach the inner corners of my nose which annoyed me much. This Skinfood black bean nose pack managed to pull out all the gunk at all corners. Got me pretty much covered!
  1. The smell is not for everybody. It's manageable for me though.
  2. Rather expensive in my opinion. There are definitely cheaper alternatives. Like Biore, Etude house..
  3. Not sure if you can buy 1 piece a time. If we can't then its wastage if this product doesn't work for you as it comes in a pack of 7!
Ok back to work, till next time! xo A

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