Friday, October 21, 2011

P for Paradise?

Got into the office earlier to finish up some work and it suddenly dawned onto me that I've leaving for Perth in a week?! Worse part is I've ALOT of work not done. I'm pretty excited to fly alone though!

Just minutes ago I'm frantically checking on "Things to do in Perth" HAHAHAH. Talk about last minute planning. I'm so not a planner. But I kinda like the 'we'll see how it goes' swag I've going on right now. I know, I'm deluded.

Can't wait to see the following places in Perth that's.. er FREEEEEE!! #3 and #4 are not free, I think?

1) King's Park
Ok.. just greens....... definitely nicer than Botanical Gardens in SG!

2) Cottlesloe Beach
Am I hearing picnic?!?!?!? Wine but no cheese.

3) Caversham Wildlife Park
Gonna have 'close encounters' with Kangeroos, y'all.

4) Perth Zoo
Read #3, just see a lot more other animals.

Anyway, I think it's gonna be swell. Have a great weekend!

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