Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Girl of the Moment: Alexa Chung

I major heart this girl: Alexa Chung.

Out of bed tousled hair, checked!
Doe eyes, checked!
Lanky body frame without looking bulimic, checked!

This British fashion Sweetheart has a quirky and daring style which made her stood out among all the 'It' girls in the industry. She made class look so effortless. Her best quality? She looks so sweet and harmless, I find it hard to hate her. Anything she wear makes a fashion statement. She grabs a lot of attention everytime she steps out. Fashionistas all over the world are eager to know what she'd wear next.

Alexa's style is all about comfort. She also play with colors to spice up her outfit. Maybe a flirty flora skirt with black stockings and oxford shoes. I like how in every outfit she exudes a sense of femininity without looking too girlie or elaborate. You go, girl.

How will I put together an Alexa Chung Look?

I chose a green flora dress because it best represents Spring! I'd layer it with a nude/cream/brown/earth colors cardigan to bring out the femininity and preppy girl out of you. I'd go with a pair of dangly earrings (blue/brown) but I decided on a long necklace to bring out the neck line and also make the whole outfit look a little whimsical.

This look is best for: A girlie day out, a casual date down town

Okay, I'm out! Love you all.

Edit: Alexa Chung is featured in this month's Elle Singapore. She talks about her fashion style and other stuff. Go check it out! ;)

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