Thursday, April 15, 2010

Make up Review: Maybelline Magnum Mascara

I only started applying mascara about 3 years ago. I know, I'm an extremely late bloomer. Never liked the idea of having something on my lashes or anywhere near my eyes; thinking that it'd hurt. Alas, I gave in to vanity and tried some on. It worked a little bit but I still hate my Asian lashes because they're so short and bare. I almost couldn't see anything after applying. (And I'm still contemplating about fake eyelashes, so don't suggest)

Recently, I was walking down Dhoby Ghaut MRT station and saw HUGE print adverts of a giant yellow tube. It's really hard to miss. At first thought, I felt really strange. Yellow and metallic purple? Hmm, not the best color combination. It was also a coincidence that I needed to get a new tube of mascara, so I decided to give it a try.

Verdict? I love it. Absolute mad mad mad love.

Don't know about you but I really HATE mascara that comes with the brush. (Always preferred those with comb brush.) Those brushes are really thick and fucking hard to apply when you've small eyes and short eyelashes. You end up clumping your lashes and they look gross. But Maybelline's new range of Volum' Express Mascaras (which is the Magnum) proved me wrong. The brush is so soft and so easy to apply. A few gentle strokes and you're done. No clumps and no hassle.

Magnum does give you volume and commendably a little length. (Seriously, if you have uber short lashes like mine, nothing you do can give you lashes of an Indian beauty like fake lashes can. So quit whining and accept fate!) I don't really care about the length because I don't like the feeling of having a little 'shade' above my lids. But I think volume is important. It's like short hair, you can have really short hair but with a little volume you just look different. Same for your lashes!

If you notice the brush, it is slightly curved. The bristles are quite sparsely arranged but arranged in such a way as to be able to grab quite a lot of your lashes at one go which is perfect for girls with very little and short lashes. Guess what's the best part? After 2 strokes of application, it does not weigh down your lashes! So, so, so awesome. *beams*

Pros: Volumizes lashes. Doesn't clump or smudge on my lashes. Affordable. Waterproof
Cons: If you're looking for a mascara that gives you length (like I said, girls with short lashes, time to wake up.), this is not the mascara for you. It doesn't really give you much length. And personally, I think the size of the tube is also a little too big for my liking.

To conclude, I am sold. Now, I enjoy applying mascara because it really works. Go get yours now!

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