Saturday, January 8, 2011

100th Post - Find a muse

I am going to dedicate my 100th post to a recent muse I found - Lykke Li.

I'm very drawn to whispery, echo-y voices, especially those very difficult to copy. Lykke Li is one of a kind. And I've to admit, I love "powdered sugar pop". She first caught my attention when I first heard - I'm good I'm gone.

Embedding is not allowed, so view it here:

Lykke Li's a young Swedish singer. She's quite a nomad. The family moved to Stockholm when Li was a toddler and later moved to a mountaintop in Portugal when Zachrisson was six, where they lived for five years; the family also spent time in Lisbon and Morocco and spent winters in Nepal and India.She moved to the neighborhood of Bushwick, Brooklyn in New York for three months when she was 19. She returned when she was 21 to record her album.

I find her tunes mostly speak about her broken yet prideful heart. Sometimes she sings about sweet revenge but deep down she's yearns to be love. She's into live music, good acoustic, confined spaces.. I like her.

Another fav track by Lykke Li - Everybody but me:

Do check her out on youtube!

Happy weekend, everyone.

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