Sunday, January 16, 2011

the littlest things

We want a lot of things. Ok let me narrow this down. We want or expect a lot from our partners. Especially from the one you have (in my case, crazy) thoughts walking down the aisle with. We really expect a lot. (quit saying no, it's the truth and you know it)

The media has changed our mindsets over time with advertisements, movies, prints and music. We start to emote, worry, sulk, frustrate over things that we can't have. We began to wonder why can that lead actress end up with a prince and I can't? I want that happy ending too. But can I? So you start wishing and your wish list gets too damn fuckin' long.

What do you expect from your man? The 5Cs? That expensive car? The kind that jumps infront of a train for you? Take a bullet for you? What do you expect from your man?

I used to expect a lot from my man because I thought I was in the position to demand. But when life takes place and things happen, you gradually demand less and modify your list.

Couple hours ago I sat down and I thought about what I really want in my man. It used to be a long list but now it has come to wanting a man who's responsible for his own life, includes me in his plans, hold basic conversations with me everyday, make time for me when he can and most importantly place me close to his heart.

Now, realistically go think about what you expect from your partner. If the first thing that comes to your mind is - he/she must earn twice as much as you then you really haven't seen the worst or you haven't really love.

Good night, y'all. Have a great week ahead!

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