Sunday, October 18, 2009


.. Really I am.

Few things I've done terribly wrong this week:

1. Bought my mom an mp3 for her 51st birthday
2. Bought my mom an mp3 knowing she wouldn't know how to fucking use it
3. Bought my mom an mp3 knowing I'd be the one to help her put songs in
4. Bought my mom an mp3, ripping 1 of her CDs, and now the CD's stuck in my new MAC

Oh baby, I'm so sorry. :(
I will bring you to Dr. Azhar tomorrow and he will fix you, ok?

Dear Mom,

You've done it this time! I'm finding it hard to forgive you!
I'm going to throw a bitch fit if my baby doesn't get that metal out of her body!

Your daughter.

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