Saturday, October 24, 2009

Girls and Shopping *beams!*

.. I know, right?


Haha, I get very excited when I see an interesting article.

Read it here:

Yes, you're reading it right. This is a Men's guide to shopping with their girlfriends! I find it absurdly interesting because do men really need such a guide? Is shopping with your girlfriends such a pain you actually need a 'Dummies guide' to get yourself through it? Ha, interesting. Very much.

Here's my take on shopping with your girlfriends, fellas. So listen up.

Trust me, you don't need a guide or steps to please your girl. Just understand this very important point: Girls look good for boys. Your girlfriend wants to look good for you. She can have 10001 excuses to buy a new pair of shoes, a new bag or a new dress.. but ultimately, she WANTS you to think she looks good enough for you. Yes boys, it is that simple.

If you try to go through the process with a almost-bitter smile, giving not-even-trying comments like - 'Yeah, it's nice", you're not going to make it out alive. This is how a girl's mind work: If you don't care, she gets upset at you for not caring because she feels she's doing all of these for you. She wouldn't want to put you through this torture, but she feels because she's doing it all for you, you should have a say! So, practice to have a say, have an opinion. We don't see you having a problem with opinions about the latest hike in petrol prices, crap food they serve in the hawkers near your place..

If you can comment on how tight an ass this hot babe in a short mini skirt who just walked by, I'm sure you can afford to give your 2 cents on how your girlfriend look in that dress. Or even 1 cent.

I'll probably be writing about booties in my next update. Maybe tonight!

Have a good weekend!

PS: LC made me say he's has master the art of shopping with women. Girls, what are you waiting for?

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