Sunday, October 18, 2009

Movie Picks: Julie & Julia

It was a last minute decision, Lala and I decided to go a late night Movie (Sarah joined us too). Lala get to pick the venue and I get to pick the Movie. My mind was fixed on watching "Julie & Julia".


Right after Devil's wear Prada, Meryl Streep still surprises me every time I see her on the big screen. She never fails to make her audience laugh, cry and think. This time as Julia, Streep is a huge bundle of joy. I know, I know - it is hard to imagine her that way but she totally is. She was extremely theatrical in this one, it was a little hard to watch at the beginning because she was laughing too much (and often) and so easily excitable - hardly even how I imagined her to be; but as we watched on, she becomes so irritatingly adorable.. she grows on you. And without surprises, Streep has outdone herself. Again.

Both Streep and Adams were 2 women in different times and place, sharing many similarities they're facing in their lives. They both needed something to do. Though, Adams being in a more recent era, needed something to do with her mundane and almost failing life. Both started a regime with cooking. Cooking opened up both their eyes and heart to things they could have never encountered. Like what they said, "The first step is always difficult".

However both of them were fearless women with so much determination to make it happen. And they did.

Like most things, we all need courage (a lot of it, in fact) to make something that seemed impossible to master, happen. So, with a little love, faith and some imagination, anything is possible. I enjoyed how I was so engaged in both their lives (felt like I was time-traveling every 5 minutes!) and feasting my eyes with french delicacies. Sometimes the movies just make everything seem so easy.

I say, follow your heart... Make the best out of your life. Bon app├ętit!

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