Monday, November 29, 2010

America's Music Awards

Justin Bieber walked away with Best Male Artist, eat that Bieber-haters!

Here are my hits and misses. (Man, love creating these.. lists.)

Rihanna didn't do it for me this time. She's always trying to look different and this time she ended up looking like my puke last birthday after a plate of indian mee goreng and A LOT of drinks. Never wear the same color from top to toe except black. I hear Ronald from McDonald's say he wants his hair back.

Miley Cyrus looks cute in this mini dress and her sparkly Louboutins. But honestly, if you ask me, that long train looks like she stepped out of the bathroom with toilet paper stuck under her shoes.

Oh Hi, Avril! Long time no see. And I reckon after your divorce with your loser husband you decided that you can still be 16 and bad ass? NOT. Majorrrrrrrrrr roll eyes at her pink streaks.

I'm not sure about this piece on Heidi Klum. I like that it's kinda sexy underneath, not showing it all... but it made her look shapeless.

I kind of expected more from Mrs Russell Brands. This pastel pink number looks too sweet and made her look like she extended her wedding to this music event.

Taylor Swift looks so gorgeous here, almost unrecognizable!! Love the new heavy bangs A LOT. The sparkly dress drew a lot of attention to her slender legs too. For once, she doesn't look like a country singer.

I remember the last huge music event, Ke$ha wore somewhat like a trash bag and she's doing it again. Maybe she's trying to tell everyone she's rubbish? Someone should gunny sack her.

Kelly Osbourne is my inspiration to lose more weight. I want to be able to wear a nice black tube dress and look just as good.

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