Monday, November 15, 2010

Star of the Week - Emma Watsons

I used to not know why I never really liked Emma Watsons. I know she's THE Hermoine. The hair, the face, the body and the voice screams star quality by all of you Harry Potter Fans.

But... today I finally knew why she was never on the top of my list though I do agree she's gorgeous.

... It's the hair.

I know she's almost everyone's favourite as THE Hermoine. I agree she's cute.. but nay... Emma Watsons just never quite did it for me. I hate the fact that almost every female star fell in that stereotype circle of having long hair only because it made her look hot, sexy, cute or feminine. And cutting their hair is like A HUGEEEEE DEAL to female stars who are not brave enough to take the leap or simply just don't look good in it. It came as a surprise to me that Hermoine was one of those girls who could pull of both.

She's got the Twiggy thing going on *mad love*

You like? I LOVE IT. I agree it's kind of a huge step for her to take because it might turn away male fans but I think Emma Watsons is at a stage where she's almost a woman and ready to take on different roles that could significantly change her life and strip her off "Hermoine" and be Emma Watsons. And I think that's extremely hot.

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