Sunday, November 21, 2010

Movie: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows (Part 1)

I won't be able to write a proper review for this movie because I haven't read any of the books or followed very closely to the movies but as for the 7th installation, I've to say that I like it very much.

One of the many reasons why the past 6 installations didn't really spark any interest in me to pick up the books and read it because the movies were quite dreadful. The last 6 was kind of slow and they were ALWAYS speaking in riddles. Like a cult. Like if you don't read the books you'll never get what they're saying and I always have this evil image in my head where a group of crazy HP groupies would point their fingers at me and snigger.

However to my surprise, The Deathly Hollows (Part 1) was entertaining, fast paced, action packed and (gasps) witty. The characters had so much chemistry together and they evolved into different persons over the years. I could see how Harry, Ron and Hermoine grew up significantly from movie to movie.

There were parts where they had scary effects like of a horror film, the sort that would scare you suddenly leaving you breathless and I least expect that out of a Harry Potter film. I appreciate the fact that this installation didn't bring non-fans round in circles. The execution was precise and understandable.

I actually am kind of happy that the HP series is coming to an end because it got quite tiresome to watch after awhile. I could see the main cast holding it back letting the cat out of the bag. I'm also looking forward to see how the series will end and whether Evil will ever triumph Good.

Can't wait for Part 2!

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