Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Crizal's here to save the day!

Did you know that picking out right lens is just as important as picking out a pair of pretty frames? I never knew until I was given the opportunity to experiment.

I recently took part in an online contest held by Catalog Magazine via Facebook and won myself a free eye test, lens and frames fully provided by Crizal lens. Truth be told, the experience was truly amazing and it made me realize how good lenses can change your vision.

I personally own 3 pairs of glasses and none of them fit me nicely and after some time I stopped wearing them. (HAHA and I managed to fool everyone thinking I've perfect eyesight which is so not true because I always miss the right bus because I can't see shit. I also take a long time standing in the queue ordering food off their big menu on the wall with tiny words. Wtf can see lor? But sorry to those whom I've caused any inconvenience!!) So over time, needless to say my degree got worse. So I was very excited to pick out a new pair of glasses for freeeeee!

I met Daen from Vibes Communications where he sat me down and explained to me what's Crizal lenses all about. He walked me through a couple of experiments where I can clearly see why Crizal lenses are great and different from all the poor quality ones.

So tell me, what are the problems you faced using normal lens? There are the top 5 problems:
  1. Reflections
  2. Scratches
  3. Smudges
  4. Water
  5. Dust
What is so amazing about Crizal lenses is that they target all these 5 problems all in one. You can now have great vision and combat all 5 of these enemies!


Crizal lens reduce glare from your surroundings to reduce eyestrain and fatigue for optimal comfort of vision. Reflections on your lens will also be minimized to enhance lens aesthetics. If you happen to love being under the sun a lot, this is great for you because you do not need to worry about not being about to see well under glaring sunlight. And this does not apply only in the day. If you love going for night cycling, it is helpful too!


Crizal lens are made of tough materials to reduce scratches from daily wear. Hello, if you're just as chor lor as I am, please use Crizal! HAHA. (Sounds super boot licking but I'm really not lying.) Ok let's be serious, sometimes I don't EVEN know where I got those scratches from on my glasses or watches because accidents happen everyday at anytime of the day. You can't minimize it unless you don't go out lor. *roll eyes*


Crizal lens are also made of easy-to-clean lens ensures that smudges and fingerprints do not hinder transparency of the lens. Do you get easily annoyed when no matter how hard to try to clean off fingerprints from your lenses and it just doesn't seem very clean after wiping? Say no more, you've found your solution. :D


Here's the beauty of Crizal lenses: you can wear them and play WATER SPORTS. With unique water repellent feature, water droplets rapidly slide off the lens surface without leaving any trace. There are just people who don't like the idea of contact lenses but yet love playing water sports. Now you can have the best of both worlds!


Let's take 1 experiment Daen showed me which I'm super amazed:

Take a look at this styrofoam ball experiment Daen showed me. These tiny balls represent dirt particles/dust in the air and it is inevitable to have them collected on your glasses anywhere you go (at home/work/partying/out in the sun), everywhere! Take a close look - when we shook the box, I realized that there are LESS dirt collected on Crizal lenses as oppose to a normal one. You cannot eliminate dust completely unless you live in outer space but what Crizal lens can do for you is reduce attraction of dust particles even after cleaning with its Anti-static lens.

After the demo, I proceed to have my eye test!

We were done in about 15 minutes or so and here comes my favorite part: PICKING OUT A PAIR OF FRAMES OF MY CHOICE. *swoons* There were so many to choose from. I was spoilt for choice. Eventually I picked out one a pair of black frames with green interior.

It was a great experience to know of such a wonderful product and you know what? I'm a convert. It's my 2nd week wearing my new pair of glasses with Crizal lenses now and it's been perfect. It's comfortable and it really helps to combat all 5 of those problems we face. I'd recommend Crizal lens to all my friends and family. In fact, I convinced my dad to change his to Crizal lenses too! It feels awesome to live life in the clear.

Thank you Crizal, Catalog Magazine and Vibes Communication for giving me this opportunity. I had a lot of fun. :)

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