Saturday, November 20, 2010

Top 10 girl crushes

I'm not lesbian but I enjoy looking at girls. Been toying with this entry for awhile, just never got down to it. So let's go. Top 10 girl crushes.

(Note: They're of random sequence. I love them all the same. kthanks)

#10: Dita Von Teese

Nobody can rock a piece of lingerie the way she can. Sometimes I think she's so sexy that I think she's untouchable. Hate to look at her like a sex object/icon but seriously, I wouldn't do her because I'm beneath her.

#9: Gong Li

Hi, I love my Asian genes. (I've got so much Asian pride!) Her sex appeal has got nothing to do with her showing her cleavage but it's that aura she has that makes men want to be subdued under her little pinkie. Lastly................ ASIAN PRIDE!!!!!!!!!!

#8: Kim Kardashian

1) She's not stick thin and embrace her curves.
2) She looks hot in ALMOST anything

#7: Keira Knightley

I've loved her ever since I knew of her existence. She has the sexiest and cutest British accent I've ever heard (yet still audible). I like the fact that despite looking almost anorexic (it's genes, my people..), she still looks almost perfect to me. I hope to see her act in anything in the near 2011! Atonement was not enough for me.

#6: Blake Lively (NOT Serena van der Woodsen)

I'm a big Gossip Girl fan and I'm rooting for Blair but Serena always seem to be the eye-catching one. I first spot Blake Lively from Sisterhood of the traveling pants (if you're a girl and you haven't watched it, you should jump off a cliff now) From her hair (which always seem like she just got out of bed!) to whatever she wears, she's a star. She's blonde, blue-eyed and surprisingly very hot. My god, even the way she giggles sounds hot. HUR. Look out for her in Green Lantern!

#5: Katy Perry

I don't care what you say - I like her. I like describing someone as cute and actually mean it. She's cute and sexy at the same time, what more she's also hugely talented. Gotta love her quirky style too! You HAVE to admit it, Perry's songs are of ear worm quality and they get stuck in your head for weeks. It's really just consolation that she's looks incredibly hot doing it. Plz stopz beingz jealouz.

#4: Shu Qi

HAHAHAHAHAHAH ASIAN PRIDE. I really don't care if she did soft porn before. (I'd watch it anyway) But I care the fact that she's so incredibly stunning looking and charming. Though she is not a traditional Chinese beauty, Shu Qi boasts a unique brand of sexiness that is unforgettable.

#3: Lea Michele (HAHA or Rachel Berry!)

This girl can sing. Yes, Rachel may be a little bit annoying (understated) on Glee but I can't take my eyes off her whenever she's on screen. She's a young lady with a talent and to pull that off is already hot. I also kinda like the way she looks - brunette, sun-kissed skin and doe eyed.

But if you must know, behind this talent comes a long list of musicals she has done before and just to name afew: Les Miserables, The Diary of Anne Frank and Spring Awakening

#2: Tyra Banks

She is the woman who invented SMIZING. That's mesmerizing by smiling with your eyes. She's beautiful, talented and a successful business woman. Why is she hot to me? Because I want to be her. Tyra Banks acts as an impressive example for aspiring models and actresses everywhere, and she wears her supermodel title with pride. She will always be my favourite Victoria Secrets Angel.

Fun-fact: In 1996 Tyra Banks was the first black woman to be feature on an Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover.

#1: Carey Mulligan

A writer from Telegraph said she looks like "the most delicate of English roses," a fitting description of this attractive and waifish young actress. She looks so endearingly adorable, it's so HARD not to like her. First noticed her in An Education where she blew me away. I think she's the next upcoming starlet to watch.

Oh and she rocked a short crop very, very nicely.

Ok I had fun doing this list! Maybe I should do 1 every week?


  1. Thanks for your comment in my blog. I feel the same way about Carey Mulligan, ever since I saw her in Education, I can't wait for more of her movie to come out.