Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Home is where the Heart is

I've been thinking about how to do up my room when we officially move to our new place couple streets away. I would like something simple yet intrigued by colors. And I reckon I can have both.

I like a good mixture of vintage and modern just to jazz it up abit. I don't like buying things all from the same store especially when it comes to furniture or clothes. I think assortment is good.

The entire big move was a huge headache because we're literally living out of boxes and buried under them. We'll be living with my mom's friend until the new place is ready. She's such a kind soul to home us. Thank you Auntie.

My mom promised me a list of things for my new room. A new (and bigger) wardrobe, a tv, some shelves and an arm chair. In return for NOT painting my room/or any of my walls, red. I've decided on cream. Oh, I'm also getting a ceiling fan.

Update again on any new room updates, if anyone's reading and wants to know.. check back.

Happy Tuesday. (cept the fact I spilt milo on my desk)

1 comment:

  1. u should do it in the Propeller Lodge Style! *most evil snigger*