Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Food: Hooha! Cafe

This was probably couple weeks back, still don't quite know how to blog about food..

He brought me to a pretty swell place for dinner - Hooha! Cafe

At shop front, it looks kinda sleazy, like a pool bar or some sort but never judge a book by it's cover. When you head right in, felt as though they've brought you to a secret backyard..

I don't dig alfresco dining very much because it's warm (don't judge me!) and I'm not a smoker but I do give exceptions when its alfresco setting looks better than indoors!

Anyway, they claim to serve the BEST STEAK IN THE REGION. Sure anot? Well, I've to try to know!

We had the Mushroom soup and Fried ravioli for appetizers. The mushroom soup was great! I love mushroom soups that do not taste like they came right from a Campbell can. It smells great and the texture was too thick. The fried ravioli wasn't too bad. Haha, how can you say no to anything fried? It was hot and crispy when it came to our table, so I was a happy girl.

He was really hungry and was craving for rice (I know, we're SO Asians.) At Hooha! Cafe they serve a good selection of local delights as well - Mee goreng, Nasi Goreng and etc. We ordered an extra spicy Nasi Goreng which was alright! And yeah, the pigging out didn't stop there - we ordered a thin crust Pizza which we requested to add sliced beef on it was pretty good! You can add whatever toppings you want on your pizzas! Ham, beef (sliced/minced), chicken and etc.

Then comes what we came here for: STEAAAAAAAAAAK! We ordered a 300g thick slice of (HAHA) tenderloin steak to share. (You can choose your thickness: 100g, 300g or 500g!) And indeed, they didn't disappoint. It was tender, juicy and extremely satisfying. I'm a big fan of red meat, so I'm rather particular about my steak. Hooha! Cafe has passed the test!

I think their Ratatouille side dish was their specialty as well. I quite like it! I've only watched the movie but never tried it before. Anyway, I really love this place although it was a little out of the way but I honestly enjoyed the ambience and the food. You can go there with a group of friends and order from their good selection of wine as well. Bon App├ętit!

Hooha! Cafe
220 Pasir Panjang Road
At the junction of Pasir Panjang rd &
South Buona Vista rd

Tel: 6475 2210
Email: hoohacafe@asiantp.com
(you can make online reservations through this email as well)

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