Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Back from Phuket


As the title suggests, I'm back to sunny Singapore. I missed home. Wish Phuket was more of a blast than I hope it would be. But anyway, it was a good getaway ♡

Thailand's one of my favorite countries. I like the warmth she gives and how everybody's always smiling. Went to Bangkok last year and did lots of shopping, this year's Phuket was really chillax to the max. The beaches were nice and the resort we stayed at was awesome. Check out Metadee Resort the next time you plan to visit Phuket! I left bits of my heart there.

I missed my bestfriend so much, I met her today. Happy to hear your exchange programme to Hongkong came true, have a blast for me! I love you, bitch!

Also painted my nails dark purple to match my new mustard bag!

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