Friday, October 15, 2010

Whatever happened to 8 letters, 3 words & 1 fucking meaning?!

I don't know why I like to piss myself off like that..... Has anyone of you catch up on the latest season of Gossip girl?


How can someone so hot be so fucked up? I don't mean like BAD ASS fucked up.. like fucked up fucked up!!! See, Chuck Bass got us so swooned over his mean streak and possibly the most bad ass playboy we've seen in awhile in TV Series History but what is happening? In Season 3, we started to see a changed Chuck Bass (ok, I can deal with that because you know, even the meanest person will change especially when love is the motivational factor) but at the end of the season, the writers left us on possibly the HIGHEST cliff (ever) with him devastatingly stabbed on the streets in Europe after letting down Blair by sleeping with Little J. So super aww right?

(Those of you who haven't managed to get the chance to watch the series, don't let me spoil it for you, I want you to feel the agony the writers put me through! STOP READING!)

(I know you're still reading...........)

While waiting for the new season to unveil itself, I was happy they brought in a new character Juliet starred by Katie Cassidy (I love this woman la! You have to watch Melrose Place 2009 to know how beautiful this woman is!) but seriously, what is Juliet's deal? Anyway, we'll get to that but what really annoyed me was Chuck BassTARD's character development was so poorly done that I'm yawning to tears everytime they switch the scene to see how in love he is with his ugly but kind french girlfriend (she is really ugly btw, no kidding) and what BAFFLES me was how can he put everything behind him so quickly and moved on? Hello, GG writers, you people were the ones who made us believe that Chuck and Blair were meant for each other and then out of a sudden you turn Chuck into this.. erm.. heartless guy who moved the fuck on after he let down the woman who has been there for him all these while? (I know it's hard to believe I'd describe Blair as such a person but she is) Seriously, wtf?

Logically, it doesn't make sense. Now Chuck is all out to ruin Blair's life just because she made his french girlfriend leave. If I really wanted to see Chuck and Blair fight each other's guts out, I'd rewatch Season 1. Dear GG writers, I am really annoyed to a point where I don't know where this season is taking me to. To be very frank, supporters of Chuck and Blair really only want to see them happy together and plotting against OTHER PEOPLE together not each other! At least that's what I want.

Oh and about Juliet, I'm not THAT annoyed with her yet because she's so pretty but I'd really stab myself to death if in the end she's some psycho killer back for revenge. I think we all got the latter part right but you know, what is everyone's deal with coming up against Serena?

This is an open angry fan letter to the GG writers, please wake the fuck up and write better scripts.


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