Monday, October 25, 2010

Movie: The Town

Just caught The Town over the weekend and I thought Ben Affleck directed his ass off this one ;)

The film started with a solemn typography introduction of the dark side of Boston - Charlestown, and it escalates with a bank robbery where Affleck and gang held the bank manager (played by Rebecca Hall, Vicky Christina Barcelona) as hostage letting her off without killing her and the tragedy slowly unfolds...

Bank robberies and car chases were definitely the highlights of the film, showing elements of Grand theft auto. The plot was rather predictable but don't hold against it - The Town was highly entertaining, exciting, filled with solid performances (Jon Hamm from Mad Men, Jeremy Renner from The Hurt locker), funny at some points (super gangsta humor) and relatively charming. I felt the film was genuine from start to end. No dirty tricks, no gimmicks or make believe.

Side note: Blake Lively (Gossip Girl) is definitely a rising star. Despite the fact that sometimes I can't make out what she's saying but she's always smokin' hot even with badly drawn eye make-up. Can't wait to see her in The Green Lantern.


  1. She rocked that Boston accent man! And I thought this was one movie that went under the radar that was worth catching :)

  2. Scarlett! Come to think of it yea.. she did a pretty decent job with the boston accent. she's just mad chio la.