Monday, October 25, 2010

Movie: Eat Pray Love

Hmmm... Mixed feelings about this one.

I was smitten by the book and the author, still am but the movie just didn't quite did it for me. But it does sound like an impossible feat to pack Liz Gilbert's journey in 3 countries in a 2.5hours movie. So this shall pass too. *grin*

The movie failed to bring out the real essence of the book of how the Real Gilbert walked out of her old self and rediscovered her world a different way. The movie also failed to make us feel the pain she went through during her failed marriage with her first husband and estranged relationship with a younger man. She went through so many heartaches in her life and which everyone of them was a classic but the movie failed to portray any of it.

You can watch the film for a visual feast though, if you haven't been to Italy, India or Bali.

1 thing for sure, there was no one better to play Elizabeth Gilbert other than Julia Roberts. Some people hate her because she's always playing these self-discovery roles which can get a little sick of watching but as a matter of fact, I love her. I can rewatch Pretty Woman 10 times a year and not get sick of it. It's a fact - Julia Roberts will always be that actress to be remembered by her unwavering star quality (having a huge mouth was just an added distinctive feature to remember by). Many starlets tried to study her and wish they could be half as romantic on screen the Julia Roberts way but failed. Why? Frankly, there can only be 1 Pretty woman.

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